Located within the Costa Vicentina natural park, Sagres is a very popular destination for countless surfers throughout the year.

In fact, thanks to its strategic position, on the border between the west coast and the south coast, it allows in a very short time (maximum 15/20 minutes by car) to reach various spots, all with different exposures and characteristics. All of this offers a wide range of different waves to choose from during the same day and based on the weather conditions. Everything is possible without wasting too much time on long and boring car trips.

The coast, rugged and jagged, hides numerous beaches to be discovered, and this mosto f the time guarantees that you will find the waves that suite for your level. It is not a coincidence that Sagres is the ideal place for both expert surfers and intermediates and beginners. Also not to be underestimated is the extremely favorable climate. Being a peninsula, in fact, the ocean plays an essential role in climate mitigation: never too cold in winter; and cooled by Atlantic breezes in the summer. Not to mention the very little rainfall in the area; especially in the summer. it is very likely that the sun will be with you for the entire duration of your trip.

Long story short: sun, waves and unspoiled nature are what make this place truly unique and worth a visit.

For INFO on surf lessons and equipment rental, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.


Below we offer you a taste of the most famous beaches in the area.

If you are looking for waves, adrenaline and fun, Sagres is definitely the right place for you. Whether you are a beginner or you are trying to refine your technique, do not miss the opportunity to improve and compete with the magnificent Atlantic waves in total safety and supervised by certified instructors.

Our Lodge partners with a local surf school with more than 20 years of experience.


  • Appointment at the surf camp 5 minutes walk from our lodge
  • Transportation to the best beach according to conditions
  • Equipment rental
  • First surf session with instructors
  • Break
  • Second surf session with instructors
  • Transportation to the meeting place

DURATION: about 5 hours. The appointment is usually at 8:30 in the morning and then finish around 13:00. During the summer period the afternoon shift is also activated with an appointment for 15:00.

(June – Oct.)
1 day
60 €
70 €
3 days
165 €
195 €
5 days
250 €
300 €


Praia do Tonel

Reachable in just 8-10 minutes on foot from Kicher’s Home, Tonel is the most exposed spot in Sagres, which guarantees an excellent wave frequency throughout the year. On days when the swells are strongest (above 10-12 feet) it can become inaccessible, but usually offers steep and consistent waves. On smaller days it can become the perfect playground for intermediates and beginners. Just be aware of some rocks in the middle of the bay, especially at low tide.

  • Bottom: sandy
  • Wave direction: both right and left
  • Optimal tide: low
  • Optimum swell
    direction: w-nw
  • Optimum wind direction: ne
  •  Services: bar

Praia da Mareta

Just 600 meters from our establishment is definitely the closest beach from the center of Sagres. In the summer it can sometimes be dormant, ideal for those looking for a bit of relaxation, but its exposure makes it perfect for southern storm surges. When, on the other hand, the Atlantic awakens from the end of August with the big swells from the west and north-west, which make the west coast unapproachable on some days, Mareta often turns out to be an excellent option for all levels: offering smooth waves , soft, and wind off the ground.

The beach is well equipped with bars, a restaurant and a school.

  • Bottom: sandy
  • Wave direction: both right and left
  • Optimum tide: any
  • Optimal swell direction: s or w-nw (above 8-10 feet)
  • Optimal wind direction: n-nw
  • Services: bar; surf school

Praia do Beliche

Also near Sagres, just south of Cabo de Sao Vicente, and reachable in just five minutes by car, the small bay sits at the foot of steep, breathtaking cliffs overlooking the sea. Access to the beach is not the most comfortable due to the numerous steps, which are not very easy to tackle with surf equipment. On the right days, however, your efforts will pay off: fast, adrenaline-pumping waves with tubing sections await you here. Sometimes the breakers can give you world class waves. Even when the waves don’t seem huge from the outside, don’t let your guard down, the power of the ocean will always be felt here. To activate this spot it needs large swells from the west or north-west (greater than 8-10 feet), or swells from the south. Often crowded and frequented by locals, not recommended for beginners.

  •  Bottom: sandy
  • Wave direction: both right and left
  • Optimal tide: medium-high
  • Optimal swell direction: s or w-nw (above 8-10 feet)
  • Optimal wind direction: n
  • Services: bar

Praia do Martinal

Also located in Sagres, this beach can also be reached on foot from Kicher’s home.

It is a large beach, in summer it is usually perfect for relaxing and enjoying the not only surfing side of the Algarve. With swells from the south, or large swells from the west and north-west, this spot comes to life and can offer beautiful waves. Excellent for all levels and often not crowded.

  • Bottom: sandy
  • Wave direction: both right and left
  • Optimum tide: any
  • Optimal swell direction: s or w-nw (above 6-9 feet)
  • Optimal wind direction: n
  • Services: bar

Praia do Zavial

Location Raposeira, slightly outside Sagres, reachable in just 15/20 minutes by car in the direction of Villa Do Bisbo. This beach belongs to the south coast of the Algarve, which means that in summer it does not offer very many wave frequencies. Like all the rest of the south coast, it is activated by swells always coming from the south, or with significant swells from the west and north-west. Given the considerable strength and steepness of the waves, this spot is recommended for medium-advanced surfers. Don’t be intimidated by the numerous close-outs that break here, on the right day you can always find some pearls just waiting to be ridden. Just beware of some rocks on the right.

  • Bottom: sandy
  • Wave direction: both right and left
  • Optimal tide: medium-low
  • Optimal swell direction: s or w (above 6-8 feet)
  • Optimal wind direction: n
  • Services: bar

Praia do Amado

Despite being the furthest beach from Sagres on our list (half an hour by car), its fame and beauty could not fail to warrant a mention. Located on the west coast, near Bordeira, it is certainly the most exposed spot on the list. Ideal when the Atlantic calms down in summer and the most frequent storms are small and medium-sized ones coming from the west and north-west, which break into the bay without finding any obstacle. The environment is also breathtaking, completely immersed in the typical wild and unspoilt nature of the Algarve. For this reason it is not only a popular destination for surfers, this beach is also perfect for those who simply want to relax on the beach letting themselves be lulled by the gentle sound of the waves, in one of the most suggestive beaches in all of Portugal. Here you will also find many bars and restaurants where you can taste typical local dishes. Returning to the waves, this spot is an excellent choice on days when most of the other spots do not work due to the small extent, in fact here it will almost always be possible to find surfable breakers. Finally, the little influence of the tides and the numerous peaks within the bay make it perfect for all levels. Definitely not to be missed for anyone in the area.

  • Bottom: sandy
  • Wave direction: both right and left
  • Optimum tide: any
  • Optimum swell direction: w-nw
  • Optimal wind direction: e
  • Services: bar-surf school